Empowering women professionals to shape the future of the tech industry

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About Women in Tech Collective

At Ironhack we believe that everyone should have an opportunity to build a fulfilling career regardless of their background and previous experience with tech. One way that we’re ensuring that the tech sector becomes more diverse and inclusive is by showing women that their perspective is needed in the tech industry.

With the launch of our Women in Tech Collective, we’re on a mission to inspire women new to tech and empower professionals to use their experiences to shape the future of female tech. This begins by creating visibility in the tech gender gap and providing access to education for women trying to break into tech.

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Build a Future-Proof Career & Close the Gender Gap with Ironhack

Currently, the gender gap in technology is larger today than it was in the mid-80s. To make matters worse, the overall talent gap is growing at a pace that will leave us with over 85 million unfilled jobs by 2030. It’s time to do something about this!

As a solution towards closing the gender gap and helping women start careers in tech, Ironhack offers 10% off any bootcamp to help women build the skills to land a role in tech.

When more women are part of the tech industry, companies are able to create products that are more inclusive, the workplace becomes more friendly, teams are able to innovate based on new perspectives.

Join us for an evening of networking and career advice from the top minds of the Women in Tech Collective!

  • When Thu, Mar 2, 2023 at 6:00 PM
  • Where 111 Northeast 1st Street #FL 8, Miami, FL 33132

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