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Launch Your Product Management Career In Just 7 Weeks

Our new Product Management bootcamp teaches students everything they will need to land in one of the tech industry's fastest growing roles.


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Your path to a new career in Product Management

Build your product mindset

Develop your skills to become a problem solver, find the best way to help users through experimentation and product analytics. 

Collaborate with your partners

Have the opportunity to collaborate with Designers, Devs and Data students from other classes - your future internal stakeholders.

Build a real product

Build products on real companies and real users, hands-on learning by creating products and understanding the impact on users.

What the Product Management bootcamp looks like


Module #0 : Product Foundations (Intro)

Introductory module about product management role and mindset, understanding key dynamics and agile frameworks, and the most relevant tools like Jira, Mural, Whimsical and analytics tools.


Module #1 : Strategy and Discovery (2 weeks)

Build your product vision starting from understanding the context: business idea with user personas, setting your goals & metrics and defining key use cases.


Module #2 : Ideation through hypothesis (2 weeks)

Find the way of solving customers problems, by creating confidence through qualitative and quantitative research, and defining the minimum product to start testing in front of your customer, by doing ruthless prioritization.


Module #3 : Product development (1 week)

Collaborate with your Design, Tech, and Data partners to bring your product to live. Learn to build your MVP by working on the user flows, wireframing and prototyping, and develop a deep understanding of tech environments.


Module #4 : Product growth (1 week)

Acquire product analytics skills, understand how to gather info directly from a database to help you to validate your product, understand the insights and work on continuous iterations.

Are you ready for a change?

Develop the skills you need to launch a fulfilling career in Product Management with our full-time bootcamp.

The latest resources

Learn Jira, Mural, Figma, Analytics, Optimize, Whimsical and many more!

Adapted to your career goals

Land a job as Product Manager, Product Analytics or Product Operations or boost your profile with the added knowledge.

Personal career support

You will be assigned a career placement coach who works with you directly to help you start your new career in tech.

A community that invests in you

Enjoy lifetime access to our global slack community, student platform and events.

Financial solutions to fund your training

Reach out to our Admissions Managers, who can help find the best solution, from loans to payment flexibility. 

Don’t just take our word for it

“Ironhack Remote prepared me for the job market...After being motivated to work on products that could bring innovation to everyday life”

“Ironhack leaves you not only with programming knowledge, but personal and interpersonal skills as well”

“Really fulfilling, as it is you who makes learning possible...I felt comfortable with the classmates and instructors soon”

Marta Fonda

Gabriel Ayela

Nuno Moreira

From Business Administration to Web Developer

From Music Industry to Cybersecurity from scratch

From Architect to UX Designer

Ironhackers now work in:

Our bootcamp graduates are soon hired as Software Engineers, Product Managers, Product Designers or Data Engineers.

They are hired by big companies and startups all over the world. We make sure our alumni learn the most popular frameworks and coding languages to develop their career in tech.

Financing options adapted to your needs

Ironhack is proud to offer many financial solutions to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. We also have agreements with public institutions if you are in an unemployment situation.

Contact us for personalized advice!



How does the admissions process work?

Our application process is made up of three steps:

An online written application form

A personal interview to get to know you better

A final technical interview to assess your ability to pick up the concepts that will be covered in your course quickly.


Do I need my own laptop?

Yes, you should have your own computer. If you are enrolled in the Product Management Bootcamp, any operating system should be fine. For the UX/UI Design Bootcamp, we try to adapt to the industry standards so we recommend you to check what operating system they prefer. Most of campus use software like Sketch or Flinto, only available for Mac, but you can also use alternative programs.


What's the difference between the Full Time and Part Time format?

The full time program requires exclusive dedication, it is not compatible with other studies or work. The classes go from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm, and you should dedicate a lot of your free time to do the daily exercises.

The part time program allows you to work and study at the same time; the classes are taught two weekdays and on Saturdays. You should dedicate around 10 to 15 hours of your free time for homework. It is a demanding program, and you will have to be extremely organized to meet the deadlines.


Will I get an official certificate after completion of the program?

Ironhack provides a private certificate that proves that the program was completed. The bootcamps are not recognized by the traditional standards of the Education administration. Due to its intensive and hands-on format, it wouldn't be possible to adapt the content and schedules to the official requirements. However, for some campuses you can get public financing to study with us.


What are the requisites to access the bootcamp?

To access the full time or part time program of Web Development, you don't need any previous requirement: it is enough if you love learning, you are motivated and willing to work. We recommend this program to those candidates who are passionate about solving technical issues, have a strong logic and are really methodic and constant.

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