Wild Tech: Becoming a Digital Nomad 

Ironhack and Tropicfeel bring you an all-new eBook featuring remote work experts and tech professionals, you’ll get:

  • Actionable advice to help you make the transition
  • Inspiration from digital nomads who have been there, done that
  • No-nonsense tips for building a career (and a life) you love!

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What's inside?


Finding the work/life/adventure balance

Learn key time management tips for staying productive whilst also exploring your new surroundings


Tackling the big ‘what if’ questions

Get out of your own way by facing your biggest fears and finding the motivation to chase your dreams


Meeting new people and finding your tribe

Figure out how to connect with new people and turn strangers into friends while traveling abroad


The Digital Nomad’s toolkit

Handpicked recommendations for where to go, how to travel, and what to take

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