Reinvent your career: 1-year AI Software Engineering Program


Learn to build cutting-edge web apps and harness AI to kickstart your tech career, with Career Services included to help you land your first job.  

Full Time

In Berlin campus or Remote
Live classes 
in English

Financing Options

Flexible payment plans and government subsidies available

Career Services

Up to one year post-graduation


No previous experience required

2300+ alumni ratings

Are you ready for a change?

More than tech skills: access the tools and support you need to help you reach your goals.

Toolstack needed for the jobs of today and beyond

Get access to all the in-demand tools you'll need to master during the program so you can use them like a pro in your future job. Plus, you'll even get a free computer to learn with!

Flexible payment plans to fund your training

We're proud to offer a variety of options, from loans to flexible payment plans depending on your location. On average, 70% of our students use financing solutions or payment plans, so you're in great company! Reach out to our Admissions Managers to help you find the best solution.

Dedicated career support

Get up to a year post-graduation career support with job-hunt prep for the German market in your industry, access to 1:1 coaching, and interview preparation.

A community that invests in you

Maximize learning with a solid support system: the teaching staff, your peers, and Career Advisor, all there to boost your journey! 

Learn AI Software Engineering with Our Proven Methodology

Hands-on Training 

Work on 5 projects with real-life applications, plus an optional project with a startup. The icing on the cake? Showcase these projects and your new skills in a GitHub portfolio to impress potential employers and stand out from the crowd.

From zero to tech hero

No experience? No problem! Start from scratch. Learn faster with instant feedback from AI code explanations. Plus, keep the learning going with 24/7 support—even when our dedicated teaching staff and your helpful peers are in 'resting mode,' our AI Chatbot is always awake and ready to help!

Comprehensive, structured, ever-evolving curriculum

Stay ahead with in-demand industry skills and tools with our frequently updated curriculum, structured for effective learning. 

What you'll learn:

AI and Machine Learning

Develop and integrate AI models into web applications, adding cool features like chatbots and recommendation systems. 

Sample project: Build an awesome app that seamlessly blends in AI features like a friendly chatbot or a smart recommendation system.

Full-Stack Web Development (MERN Stack)

Build robust, high-performing, and scalable web applications using the MERN stack. 

Sample project: Build your own personal portfolio website to show off your skills, projects, and professional experience. Include dynamic content, contact forms, and links to your social media profiles for a complete package. 

Project Management and Collaboration

Boost teamwork, create smoother workflows, and speed up project delivery with Agile methods and tools.

Sample project: Join forces to develop a full-stack e-commerce platform using the MERN stack, applying Agile methods to manage the project and collaborate effectively.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Ensure everything works perfectly so your users always have a great experience. Keep your apps running smoothly and reliable with holistic testing techniques.

Sample project: Create a social media app with real-time features, and make sure it's rock-solid with thorough testing for great performance and security.

Java and SQL for Backend Development

Integrate Java and SQL database management to build robust backend systems. 

Sample project: Build a customer management system with Java and SQL, where you can easily handle customer data, process transactions, and generate reports.

Disclaimer: Course topics are subject to change according to the demands of the job market. We aim to design our curriculum to meet the required skills for junior positions in the tech market. Students who do not complete the activities and final project do not earn a certificate.

Be job-ready right after the bootcamp with help from Career Services

Industry expertise

- On-demand lessons with job hunting best practices in your field and the German market

- Talks from industry experts that can give your job search an edge

Real world connection

- Networking events to mingle and share stories. You might just find your next big career break or a helpful contact! 

- Project with a startup to get real-life experience

Resume and LinkedIn

- Optimized profile to make you stand out

- Application tailored to your industry and market needs

Interview preparation

- 1:1 with Career Advisor to practice interviewing before the real thing

- Technical exercises to get you comfortable 

Our goal is to help you land a job as soon as possible. But if you need extra time, we've got you!

Career Services are available to all actively job-hunting graduates for a whole year after graduation.

Don’t just take our word for it

“After Ironhack, we're able to ask ourselves the right questions when starting a project. We know where to take the problems and where to start.”

Geoffroy Baghdassarian

From Project Manager to Engineering Team Lead

“Ironhack leaves you not only with programming knowledge, but personal and interpersonal skills as well.”

Marta Fonda

From Business Administration to Web Developer

“I wasn't sure if quitting university and joining Web Development was a smart choice as I had no IT background. Ironhack helped me learn to program and made me fall in love with this profession.”

Victoria Borba

From Florist to Software Engineer

Ironhackers now work in:

Our graduates are soon hired in entry-level tech roles by large established companies and startups all over the world. We make sure our alumni learn the most in-demand skills for their niche, future-proofing their prospects by learning only what companies are really looking for.

You too could be the next big name Web Developer or Software Developer in town!

Why companies choose Ironhackers

"As an Ironhack graduate myself, I know the level of professionalism and quality of students that come out of the bootcamps. I'm very satisfied with the Ironhack alumni that I've hired. They do great work and even the more junior profiles are very open to learning. They adapt fast which is really important."

Artistic Director & UX/UI Designer at ADVANCED Schema 

"The quality of the people that have come to us, their soft skills, motivation, and attitude are very good."

IT Business Owner at Zurich Insurance

Cristina Gomá

Eszter Szigethy

Why Learn AI Software Engineering: Future-Proof Your Skillset

The demand for web developers and software engineers is rising, especially in Germany, Europe's largest software market. With 41% of IT companies in a Bitkom survey looking to hire software developers, and starting salaries at 39.000€ for web developers and 43.000€ for software engineers, now's the time to jump in.

As businesses across all industries embrace digitization, the importance of software development is growing rapidly. Additionally, LinkedIn reports that 96% of software engineers' skills can be enhanced by AI, significantly boosting productivity.

The opportunities are there. Are you ready to go for them?

Open the doors to more opportunities

The skills you will learn will qualify you for junior roles in positions such as, but are not limited to, Junior Web Developer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, AI Developer, and Quality Assurance Tester.

Grow in your new career path, and become a Full Stack Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, AI Specialist, and Software Developer amongst many other possibilities.



What's the difference between the Web Development bootcamp and the AI Software Engineering Program?

Spanning a full year, this program offers a more in-depth and comprehensive learning experience compared our shorter, more intense bootcamp. You'll have more time to absorb the material, practice your skills, and dive into more advanced topics at a manageable pace. This program also integrates AI and machine learning into the web development curriculum, providing a holistic view of how these technologies can be combined. 

On the other hand, our Web Development Bootcamp is designed for rapid skill acquisition in a shorter time frame, requiring a more concentrated and intense commitment. 

Both options can lead to similar outcomes unless you want to focus more on AI, in which case you would take this program. Your choice depends on your available time and learning preferences. If you're unsure, you can talk through your options with our friendly admissions team who can help set you on the right path.


How does the admissions process work?

1. Fill out our easy non-committal Application Form.

2. Receive a call from Admissions, to find out if your motivations, long term goals, availability, and determination are a good fit for the bootcamp. It's also a chance for you to get your burning questions answered! 

3. Take a technical test in English to test your basic logic skills. This will also give you a basic understanding of the concepts you'll learn in your chosen track. No need to prepare—just make sure you have enough time to take the test uninterrupted. Once you have passed this test, our Admissions team will be in touch with you.

4. Choose how to fund your bootcamp from our selection of Financing Options and flexible payment plans. Consult your Admissions Manager if you're not sure which one is right for you.

5. Pay your deposit before the bootcamp starts to confirm your place.


Do I need my own laptop?

Nah, we got you. The 1-year program comes with a free laptop. 


Will I get an official certificate after completion of the program?

Yes, Ironhack provides a private certificate that proves that the program was completed. 


What are the requisites to access the bootcamp?

There are no knowledge requirements for our bootcamps. As long as you have sufficient proficiency in English, basic logical skills, enough time, and most importantly motivation, you're fit for this 1-year program. All of our programs have students from different backgrounds so if you're starting from scratch with your tech knowledge, you're not alone. 

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